Downtown's Unique Eating Experience

Visitors to Trenton will find a unique eatery in downtown Trenton at Uprooted Kitchen and Tap, and right around the corner, Uprooted Creamery, to satisfy your post-dinner sweet tooth.

When planning a trip out of town – whether it be for one day or for several – potential food destinations
are always at the top of my list. Looking for a menu featuring items I can’t find locally is the first to catch
my eye. That’s why visitors to Trenton will definitely want to take time for a meal at Uprooted Kitchen
and Tap.

Located in the heart of the downtown area, Uprooted (as the locals refer to it) features the culinary
skills of Mercer County native Tammy Neill, a culinary-school graduate and long-time fixture in the area
food truck scene. She and her husband, Scott, operated their food truck for seven years at area events
and festivals, where hungry patrons would line up to taste the unique cuisine offered by the pair. In
2020, the couple decided to find a more permanent location to serve their offerings and settled into the
historic flatiron building that is their current location at 1000 Tinsman Ave. (Five Points to the locals).
“It’s something that Tammy has always wanted to do,” Scott said of the couple’s decision to open the
restaurant, adding that the Trenton community has been very supportive of their choice. Micah Landes
and Megan Taul, who were heading up downtown revitalization efforts at the time, worked with the
Neills in finding a location that would not only meet their needs as a restaurant, but would also provide
a special vibe for those coming in for a meal. The result – a building that provides not only an “open
feel” with its exposed brick walls and wooden floor, but one that also allows Tammy to “do her thing” in
the kitchen.

Dagwood sandwich with a side of fries

The weekly menu at Uprooted (available for both lunch and dinner) is posted on its Facebook page each
Monday and includes several items that make the food list each week, such as the tenderloin,
cheeseburger and fried chicken sandwiches (all of which can be ordered as a whole or half and include
Tammy’s special homemade chips). Smoky wings are another staple of the menu and can be ordered
with BBQ, sweet chili, sweet teriyaki, garlic parmesan or buffalo sauce or, if you prefer, “naked” to allow
the smoky taste to penetrate the palate. For those wanting something more on the light side, the menu
includes the restaurant’s “House Salad,” on which grilled or fried chicken can be added, as well as a chef
salad – both of which include, if you so choose, Tammy’s special homemade dressings.

In addition to the weekly traditional fare, there are always three to four specialties cooked up by Tammy
– ranging from brisket melts and salmon wraps to unique items such as a grilled caprese sandwich
(mozzarella cheese, tomato, pesto and a balsamic glaze on sourdough bread) and a “Dagwood” (ham,
salami, roast beef, muenster cheese, Dijon aioli, tomato, onion and pickle on a bolillo roll). A Tex-Mex
Chicken Rice Bow and a Cowboy Caviar Wrap have also made an appearance on the menu for those who
like a little spice with their meal.

Just recently, Uprooted has designated Friday night as “Steak Night,” serving up ribeyes, strip steak and
sirloins along with a baked potato and side salad. There have also been special pasta nights and “Ring
Wednesday,” which features their delicious homemade onion rings to be dipped in special sauces.
To quench your thirst, Uprooted has a variety of soft drinks, teas, waters and, for something a little
stronger, specialty beers and wine from Trenton’s own Black Silo Winery.

Friday Steak Night's KC Strip and steak fries

And you will want to make sure to leave room for dessert, especially the ice cream offered by the
Uprooted owners at the Uprooted Creamery, located just a short walk from the restaurant. The
“Creamery” is located in another historic downtown building which has been refurbished to its former
glory, complete with its tin ceiling and walls. Ashby Ice Cream is featured and can be purchased in a dish,
cone, milkshake, banana split, etc. The menu features the traditional chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
along with five to six specialty brands that change each Wednesday. In addition to its regular customers,
the “Creamery” also hosts special events.

Banana bread sundae at Uprooted Creamery

Uprooted Kitchen – 1000 Tinsman Ave., Trenton, MO
Facebook: Uprooted Kitchen and Tap – Always Check for Daily/Weekly Specials
Open: Tuesday-Friday, 11 am to 8 pm; Saturday, 11 am to 3 pm
Available for special events

Uprooted Creamery – 1011 Main St., Trenton, MO
Facebook: Uprooted Creamery
Open – Tuesday-Friday, 12:30 to 7 pm; Saturday, noon to 4 pm. (Hours Change In Summer)

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Downtown's Unique Eating Experience



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Visitors to Trenton will find a unique eatery in downtown Trenton at Uprooted Kitchen and Tap, and right around the corner, Uprooted Creamery, to satisfy your post-dinner sweet tooth.

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